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Codes & Standards

Heat Pump Controls: Decarbonizing Buildings While Avoiding Resistance Heating         (Presentation)
ACEEE Buildings 2022

Energy Codes and a Vehicle for Deep Energy and Carbon Reductions in Industry         (Presentation)
ACEEE Industrial 2021

Zero Net Energy Codes: 7,000 kWh/yr to Near Zero in 12 Years Flat
ACEEE Buildings 2018

Codes and Standards: A Path to Affordable Amenity and Customer Satisfaction        (Presentation)
ACEEE Buildings 2016

A Top-Down Framework for Managing Energy Code Development
ACEEE Buildings 2014

Mass Producing Industrial Energy Efficiency through Building Energy Codes       (Presentation)
ACEEE. 2013

Replacing Electrons with Neurons: Industrial Workforce Education & Training Energy Efficiency Programs
ACEEE Industrial  2013

Code Driven Portfolios
ACEEE Buildings 2012

Federal Appliance Standards Should be the Floor, Not the Ceiling: Strategies for Innovative State Codes & Standards
ACEEE Buildings 2012

In Praise of Prescriptive Codes, Rules of Thumb and Design Guidelines: How Do We Compare With 50% AEDG?
ACEEE Buildings 2012

A New Class of Retrofits: “Repair Indefinitely”
ACEEE Buildings 2010

A New Paradigm for Retrocommissioning: Moving Building Science to Green Collar Trades      (Presentation)
ACEEE Buildings 2010

90.1 Skylighting Requirements Code Change Proposal
PNNL proposal to ASHRAE 90.1, 2008

2008 California Codes and Standards Progress: Expanding and Consolidating Efficiency Gains
ACEEE Buildings 2006

Draft Report: Sidelighting – Daylighting Requirements for Sidelit Areas near Windows
PG&E CASE Proposal. 2006

Updates to Title 24 Treatment of Skylights
PG&E CASE Proposal. 2005

Energy Codes & Standards: Time Dependent Valuation, a New Source Energy Basis
ACEEE Buildings 2000

Lighting & Daylighting

Presentation: Lighting Quality and Codes Not Mutually Exclusive
LightShow West. 2019

Quantifying Flicker: Fourier Filtering of Light       (Presentation)
Illuminating Engineering Annual Conference. 2016

Photocontrols and Daylighting Savings from Skylights: Urban Myths and Realities from a Field Study
National Conference on Building Commissioning. 2006

Sidelighting Photocontrols Field Study
NEEA, PG&E and SCE. 2005

Modular Skylight Systems: Best Practices for Designing Skylights with Suspended Ceilings
ACEEE, 2004

Validation of SkyVision
NRC Canada. 2004

Skylight Design: Photometric Characteristics
IESNA. 2004

Effectiveness of Photocontrols with Skylighting
IESNA. 2004

Skylights as Luminaires: PIER Skylight Photometric Test Results
IESNA. 2004

Modular Skylight Wells: Design Guidelines for Skylights with Suspended Ceilings
Public Interest Energy Research PIER. 2003

Skylight Photometric and Thermal Reports
Public Interest Energy Research PIER 2003

Photocontrol System Field Study
SCE,  2003

Skylights as luminaires: PIER skylight photometric test results
IESNA. 2002

Expanding the Market for Commercial Skylighting
ACEEE 2000

Skylights: Calculating Illumination Levels and Energy Impacts
IESNA. 2000

The Energy Impact of Daylighting
ASHRAE Journal. 1998

Thesis: Daylighting Design Via Monte Carlo
Department of Mechanical Engineering Colorado State University. 1995

Zero Net Energy

Zero Net Energy: What Metric to Use?
ASHRAE Summer Meeting Presentation. 2016

A Simple Definition for ZNE
Presentation to California Energy Commission IEPR (Integrated Energy Policy Report). 2013

7,000 kWh to Zero in Eight Years Flat: A Strategy for Net Zero Energy Residential Buildings by 2020
McHugh Energy. 2011

The Energy Impact of Daylighting
ASHRAE Journal. 1998


Design and applications of controlled atmosphere dehumidifier fruit driers
IPENZ Transactions. 2000